Quantitative Trading Quantitative Trading

Market Positioning: We upgrade and create trading strategies scientifically by combining quantitative expertise of stock and futures market with a sophisticated understanding of crypto currency market, to achieve high-yield, low-drawdown trading target. The trading strategies cover low-risk Arbitrage and Market-Making strategies, and a higher-risk CTA strategy to meet the needs of customers with different risk preferences, providing a full-cycle investment plan to help customers cross the general bull-bear cycle and achieve steady asset growth.



Strategy Development: Based on our custom low-latency trading platform, we are finding creative ways to use the latest tech while building new tools and implementing advanced solutions that meet the needs of a competitive trading environment. Combining big data and machine learning algorithms for data analysis, promoting existing trading and market-making strategies based on the characteristics of crypto currency and futures markets, we continuously optimize and innovate in exploration.

Asset Management: Mid to high frequency Arbitrage and CTA strategies are applied to the crypto currency and futures trading markets to create stable and sustainable returns for customers. The improved multi-level Risk Management system runs the risk control strategies automatically and provides an effective Risk Management mechanism.

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Our core team members graduated from Sorbonne University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and other famous universities in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Their rich work experience in well-known hedge funds bring excess returns above the industry average with constantly break through innovation in the fast-changing and challenging trading world.

Ganer Zhang
Fund Manager

Ganer holds the Master Degree of Information Science, focuses on Artificial Intelligence. His research area covers Artificial Intelligence algorithms for graphic images and AI quantitative trading strategy development. He is an expert on Alpha, CTA and high-frequency trading in stock market who has developed trading strategies for asset size over 300 million RMB. He focuses on the development and practice of crypto currency trading strategies currently.


Cohen Wang
Fund Manager

Cohen is a Ph.D. in Computational Physics. He excels in Quantitative Trading strategy research and development. With years of futures CTA, Machine Learning and Automated Trading strategies research and development experience, his real Yield have reached more than 100% annualized. Cohen focuses on crypto currency Quantitative Trading strategy development and Trading Management currently.